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Membership Drive
May 15th


The Club is starting a membership Drive and we need your help!  The best source of new members is always the existing members.  Current information about the rates and membership categories is available here on the website.  

If you have someone interested in membership, you can make a complimentary tee time, or dining reservation by calling Paul Belcher at 573-481-2176, or an email to

The Club will be hosting an Open House on Saturday, June 1, 2024.  This is a great opportunity to show your guests the club.  A separate flyer will follow with details.

Thank you in advance for your support in this drive!  This is truly a win, win , win program as the club, you, and your new member will all get special incentives!

Memorial Day Shamble
May 27th (10am Shotgun)

Our Memorial Day Shamble is always a fun event.  Both players tee off, pick the best drive and play your own ball in from there.  Two men, Two women or couples may play.  Everyone will tee off at 10am.  This is always a fun event and we hope you will spend at least part of your Memorial Day with us.

Semo Cup Qualifier #2
June 8th 11:30 Start

The 2nd Cup qualifier will be on June 8th.  Please remember to sign up in the golf shop by Friday evening.  

MMSY Memorial Tournament
May 10th (1pm Shotgun)

Click here for entry information

The Mary Margaret Story Yarbrough Memorial Tournament will be on Monday May 10th.  Click the link for entry information.

PGA Jr Series @ Fox Haven
June 16th (9am)

The PGA Junior Series will come through on the 16th of June.  The series is run through Jack Connell at Dalhousie.  I have attached the entry information for the series.

LGA 2-Lady Invitational
June 18th - 9am Shotgun

Our Ladies Golf Association will host their 2-Lady Scramble on the 18th at 9am. The course will be closed until play has finished.  If you are interested in playing contact Kevin in the golf shop for more information.

FSCB 3-Person Scramble

First State Community Bank once again is sponsoring our 3-Person Scramble. Click the link for entry information.

Semo Cup Qualifier #3
July 6th

Our third Qualifier will be held on the 6th.  Normal sign up rules and points will be in place for this event.