Sept 30th Results

Yesterday was our final official League Play round for the 2015 season with 20 of you signing in to play. Although we had a few events cancelled or shortened due to weather conditions, all in all we had a great season.

Next Wednesday, October 7th will be our End of the Year Lunch and Awards Presentations. We will present prizes for the Handicap Tournament as well as this weeks winners, so if you have money coming, PLEASE come. There are several of you that have not picked up your winnings from previous weeks. The lunch will begin at 11:00 with golf on your own afterwards if you want to play.

Here are yesterday's winners:

Low Gross: Bennie Ray, 73
Low Net: R. J. Tellow, 62
Low Putts: Jack Lopp, 25

Closest to the Pins:

#4 Jack Watkins
#6 Larry Nickell
#9 Rene DeKriek
#10 Ron Cullins
#13 Bill Manley

Congratulations to all!