May 4th Results

Yesterday we had a great turnout with 35 players including 2 new members, bringing our total membership to 53. We still have a few from last year that have not joined yet, but have indicated they would, so we could get close to 60 before the season gets in full swing.

Two reminders for new members. You need to have 5 scores from League Play to establish a handicap. For those who have less than 5, we used your average scores thus far to get you competitive in this Cheeseburger. Also to participate in the "Most Improved Golfer" challenge you need to play at least 75% of the weeks in this season. That will be about 18 or 19 rounds so plan to be here often.

Here are the Cheeseburger winners:

1st Place: Greg Comer +10 Points $87.50
2nd Place: R J Tellow +8 Points $52.50
3rd Place: Bill Manley +7 Points $35.00

See you next week for Regular League Play: $2.00 and count your putts!