May 22nd Results

Good Morning Senior Golfers:

Yesterday's league play produced some interesting results as you see below. Membership now stands at 54 with Claude Old and Kevin Webbenmeyer signing up and playing yesterday. Twenty-six (26) checked in and finished play, while 3 others started play but did not finish. Congratulations to the winners:

Low Gross: Kevin Wibbenmeyer, 70
Low Putts: Everett Holley, 27
Low Net: Tie: Bob Donze, Travis Garrett, and Larry Tetley, 67

Closest to the pin:
#4 Ron Eaker
#6 Lee Stallings
#9 Ron Greenlee
#10 Dick Inman
#13 Bill Priday

Next week will be regular league play with prizes same as above. The following week, June 5th will be the Cheeseburger round with prizes based on points: Eagle 8, Birdie 4, Par 2, Bogie 1...Your handicap subtracted from 36 equals your minimum number of points needed. Winners will be players with the most points above their minimum. All entry fees paid out, 1st = 60%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 15%.