May 11th Results

Hello again Seniors!

We had another good day yesterday with 3 new / returning members joining. We also had some excellent scores posted. Just a few reminders about League Play---if there is a tie for Low Gross, Low Net, or Low Putts, the tie is broken based on hole score starting with the #1 Handicap hole until there is a winner. If one player wins two categories, he only gets one and the next best score in that category gets the win.

KEEPING PUTTS - please remember to keep your putt scores on the LOWER half of the scorecard, and your hole-by-hole score on the UPPER half. Most of you are doing that, but we have a few scorekeepers that forget.

Here are the results:

Low Gross: Bill Manley, 71 $10.00
Low Net: Jack Lopp, 61 $10.00
Low Putts: Paul Markland, 26 $10.00

Closest to the Pins:
#4 Craig Brinkman $5.00
#6 Bill Palmer $5.00
#9 Charlie Dye $5.00 (Also shot a gross 70!)
#10 Dale Glenn $10.00 Best Closest @ 23"
#13 Don Riley $5.00

This week we had two closest to the pin markers moved to the side of the green so we could not measure those distances. If you have a shot that you think may contend for "Best Closest" write down an approximate distance by your name so we can give you the recognition if that marker gets moved.

Next week will again be regular League Play. See you then!