June 22nd Results

Yesterday's round was effected somewhat by the heat resulting in only 29 players and several quitting early. Just as a reminder, if you play at least 13 holds our computer system will score the last 5 for you based on your handicap. So if you need to withdraw early and can get through 13, you will get a score for that round.

Also remember--on regular league play days KEEP YOUR PUTT scores. We have one or two players who forget to record putts.

If there is a tie for one of the "Low" categories the system uses a scorecard playoff beginning with the #1 handicap hole to determine the winner of that cagegory.

Here are yesterday's results:

Low Gross: Glen Alexander, 73 $10.00 (Don Riley also 73)
Low Net: Al Hollins, 65 $10.00
Low Putts: Myron Kegley, 24 $10.00

Closest to the pins:

#4 Bennie Ray $5.00
#6 R J Tellow $5.00
#9 Mike Parker $5.00
#10 Jack Lopp $10.00 Best @ 3'3"
#13 Allen Small $5.00

Next week will be regular League Play. See you then!