April 26th results

This week's League Play was not well attended, probably due to weather forecast for the afternoon. Only 20 players signed in to play, but here are the results:

Low Gross: Charlie Dye, 71 $10.00
Low Net: Ron Hamra, 66 $10.00
Low Putts: Charles Atchison, 25 $10.00

Closest to the Pins:
#4 Jack Watkins $5.00
#6 Jim Vines $5.00
#9 Ron Cullins $5.00
#10 Chris Alberts, Best @ 4'10" $10.00
#13 Eddie Slaten $5.00

Congratulations to all!

Thank you to all score-keepers who take care to record the scores in the most readable way possible. Remember that putts are to be recorded on the BOTTOM HALF of the score card. Your secretary has difficulty discerning dots and "tick marks" so if you use that method of keeping putt scores, there will be no record kept.

Next week, May 3rd. will be the first Cheeseburger Game of the year. There will be Handicap Stickers available when you sign in for the day.

In FAIRNESS to all League Players, if you plan to participate in the Cheeseburger Game, you MUST sign in and pay your $5.00 entry fee BEFORE you start your round. It is not good golf etiquette to pay AFTER you have played and decided that you might be in contention.

Good Luck to you All.